Economic Evaluation

Teach yourself Economic Evaluation and & Financial Modelling

Teach yourself

Teach yourself how to evaluate the economics and merits of:

  • a project or
  • an existing business/ social enterprise

Launch a new skill

Launch a new career. Professionals in several countries around the world have used the approach in this website to develop their skills in evaluation. A few have adapted these skills to begin a career in economic evaluation or financial evaluation.

No prerequisite skills

No accounting or finance skills are needed. Instead, these evaluations use a helicopter view of the physical flows and concepts inside the project / business / social enterprise.

2 Streams - Business & Social Enterprise

Learning Modules are available for business assessments and social enterprise assessments (self-funding community projects & not for profit projects and operations). Pick the stream to suit you.

Teach yourself rapidly up three levels of modules with examples of finished evaluations that give full understanding and a starting point.


Hands-on modelling

20 Modules - each 4 to 10 minutes

This the classical creation of an easy-to-understand economic model / financial model. The model is simply a working tool to tackle Level 2. Worked examples are included.
Completing this model is just the start!


Evaluating the business or project including assessing alternatives.

9 Modules - each 4 to 10 minutes

This is the most important activity where you use the economic model / financial model to assess the full range of possibilities for the project, business or social enterprise. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative configuration – including of not proceeding. Worked examples are included.
This is the most fulfilling activity!


Making the Decision

3 Modules - each 4 to 5 minutes

Using the results in Level 2 to select the best way to proceed. This is likely to involve specialists outside the team/person who helped perform Levels 1 & 2.
This should follow on naturally from the results of Level 2!



Any industry including mining
Social Enterprises
Social Enterprises
Worked Examples in Excel
Business & Social Exnterprises

“Your website is a great resource and a fantastic legacy to leave the industry. I will certainly be referencing your website to the students/industry delegates”

Nick Franey
NJF Consulting Ltd
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Author of “Mineral Exploration Management” 2023 is a totally free website. It is a gift from Peter Card – an economic evaluation specialist, based in Melbourne Australia, Peter has worked with individuals, non-govt organisations and companies worlwide, in the mining, business and social enterprise sectors. He is currently working with several non-govt organisations developing commercial businesses for indigenous or local people. Peter is sharing his expertise as a way of thanking industry for a continuing wonderful career. If you have any questions for Peter Card please contact him at [email protected]