When to use economic evaluation / financial modelling in business and social enterprises?


Economic evaluation or financial analysis is used to assess and to value: –

  • Existing Businesses – Assessing the economics, viability and value of an existing business – small or mammoth, as it stands now or with the development of options.
  • New Project or Concept Study – Assessing the economics, viabilty and value of a new project. As in social enterprises and community start-ups
  • Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) – Evaluating each of the underlying entities then assessing the compatibility, synergies, benefits, viability, optionality and value of a merger.
  • Investments – assessing and valuing an investment in an existing business or in a new project
  • New Products and Sales – evaluating the viability and value of a new product and/or of various sales plans.
  • Operating plant improvements and new ideas for manufacturing
  • Optimisation – assessing the full range of possibilities for an existing business or a new project.
  • Closure – Compare and value different ways of closing down an existing business.
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